Ghost Rider

By Neil Peart

Narrated by Brian Sutherland

15h 54m

Inevitable this book would be interesting on a personal level for me.  After my bad car accident in 1996 memories of the recovery and events were interlaced with events Peart was going through.  I remember hearing on a radio station just a year after my accident that Peart’s daughter had died in a car accident.  Personal tales from any member of Rush were so rare to hear about it was a shock just in that in that factor. 

His travels through the U.S. west were about a month after Jo and I did our grand unplanned road trip around the country after we sold the store in 1998.  Hearing Peart’s aversion to meeting a fan losing their grip is interesting.  Amazing that he seemed uncomfortable just being in conversations regarding his impact on people in drumming alone.  Stories of his reaction to other encounters in his travels shifted in later travel journals he published in later years.

Book was worth the read however it is not an uplifting book.  Has a good ending but put yourself in his mental state after losing daughter and then wife in a year and your thoughts would not be on the possitive side most of the time.

The narrator did a great job.  Made me think it was the author reading the book.