Coldest Ever Bike Ride

Saturday, February 4, 2023 7:36 AM

Images from the bike ride between 4:30-5 am on February 4. Notes under photos. 

Weather data console before going out for ride. No temp changes when I got back in at 5:02.

Bike was laid down to take photo to make sure I got one.  Light is from camera flash.

Glasses fogged up putting front tire on bike.  They quickly frosted up. Entire ride was done with glasses on end of nose so I could look over them to see the road and avoid pavement cracks.

Taking photos was painful as smartphones do not work through gloves.  Less then 10 seconds after hand was bare the cold was painful.  

Putting glove back on had panic to it. If the inside glove bunched up it would take a bit to get it straigtened out.

There was blowing snow crossing the road and also visible in blueberry field. The only other photo was just before this one and the middle is fuzzy because it was snow skimming across the surface.

This is about as close as I get to taking a selfie, even in ‘normal’ weather in daytime.

Two cars passed me.  Both times I got to the driveway and was off waiting for them to pass.  Luckily nobody wanted to talk as that only would make everyone colder.

Image from phome from exercise recorded on watch.

When I turned onto Stickney Hill Road two words came out of me.  I’ll leave it to you to guess them.  I knew going onto the road was biking into the wind.  Wanted to see the difference.  I quickly thought if I went down the bobcat or coyotes would get to eat that ‘deer with the round legs’.