59,000 Miles Reached

Sunday, February 25, 2024 11:36 PM

I reached 59,000 bike miles today on Stickney Hill Road just before Rte 220.  Standard procedure of taking a photo each direction at that spot was held to.  Song playing was ‘Grace’ from the new self-titled album from 'Today Was Yesterday’.  Alex Lifeson plays guitar on six songs with Robby Krieger on another song.  Took screenshot.  The album had played through and went back to the start for the mile marker.  Thought it was funny the song titled 'My New Low’ was followed by ‘Grace’.  Since I am climbing out of my new low and trying to have some grace in doing so.

Biking is going above plans, but I no longer think the current path means anything for the coming months.  I just really want to get my bike odometer out of the 50,000s.  I reached 50,000 on April 30, 2016 in Portland, Maine near the end of a 90 mile bike ride from Liberty.  Looking at the miles grid on bike home page it is clear I did not stay in a 10K miles section very long until this one.

Not going to work on layout function on the web program I use so the photos are stacked in a line. After the four marker photos is a surprise photo with notes under them.

Near the top of Stickney Hill Road was a Woolly Bear caterpillar crossing the road.  Saw it on first trip.  On second loop I planned on getting a photo.  Four utility trucks went down the eastern side of the hill.  Woolly did not get squished but balled up. (first photo). Turning around before the big downhill I stopped again to get a photo before it finished the trip across the road.

So here’s the question:  the winter myth of the Woolly Bears brown middle section predicts the season’s snowfall.  Is this one looking at next season or is March going to be a slammer?

I have read the scientific cause of the difference in the brown patch, but I will not ruin everyone’s fun in thinking a bug can predict  a season’s snowfall.