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Tales, data and photos from the bike.


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Bike Post Office Photos...

Click on the photo to the left to check out the post offices I have biked to in the last 15 years.  Arranged in alphabetical order, but 2022 are at the start (2).

Current count is 462 post offices.

Maine = 403; Massachusets = 2; New Hampshire = 31; New York = 6; Vermont = 20

Current bike notes...

Target towns for 2023 are to be posted soon.


Weather made getting on the bike day 1 easier.  Decided to not set goals for each month of the year ahead of time but at the start of the month.  The only solid goal remains to not post a zero miles month.  I may go back to a bike blog format which makes me take a photo each ride.  If I do anything posted on this page will be moved over to that.  Bike map photo will be updated soon with the minor changes that were added in 2022.


Current odometer:  58,826

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