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February notes...

       Precipitation days includes three days that recieved a trace of snow

     The top rain storm started as snow and ended as freezing rain.

     The top snow was 7.25" but the month started with a 7" storm on Feb 1-2.  Of the precipitation days this month only one did not include snow, that was the early morning hours of Feb 17.

     February was colder than January which is against the average but it has happened before.

     The windy December was not the start of a trend. January and February have gone the other end of the spectrum.  The lack of major winter systems plays a part in this.

Daily Records summary:

     A rarity: No temperature records were set.

     2021 temperature records stand at one record high, no record lows.  No records have been set for coldest high temps, with one day setting a record for warmest low temp.  

     Summary 2021 total: 2 warm records and no cold records.

     Spent considerable amount of time adding to my master temperature spreadsheet.  Moving away from having to look at each year at a certain date to see how the current year compares in average temperature.  I added a column that gives the average temp for that day in the first twenty years or data.  Went with that comparison to give comparisons a stable benchmark.  Do not know if I will change that after I have 25 or 30 years.  For quite awhile some weather companies have been using 1981-2000 as a benchmark.  This helps to quickly see how the year ranks on any day, or at the end of a month.  After a very warm January and a slightly above average February this allows the ability to see where the year stands companed to the average.

     The 20 year average temp through February 28th is 22.22°.  The average temp this year through February is 24.78°.  At this point the year is 2.56° warmer.  However that can disappear in March. We have seen March go colder than January once before.

     After spending the time to get a source for the year to date temperature last weekend I will now return to tabulating the count of precipitation days to place that data into the monthly averages.

February rankings (out of 24):

High Temp:     15th

Low Temp:     11th

Avg Temp:          13th

Precip:          14th

Snow:          9th

Wind:          24th

Humidity:          8th

Dew Point:     12th

Heat Deg:          12th

Cool Deg:          --

Barometer:     5th out of 21

Liberty, Maine weather data for...

February, 2021

Daily Data

High Temp              47.3° (2/24)

Low Temp               0.9° (2/12)

Top Rain Storm       0.38" (2/16)

Top Snow Storm     7.25" (2/22)

High Wind Gust      39 mph (2/2)

Low Windchill          -10° (2/12)

High Dew Point      39.0° (2/23)     

Low Dew Point       -11.1° (2/12)

Barometer  H/L      1032.2/988.0mb

Precipitation Days    14

2021 Averages

High Temp              31.17°

Low Temp               17.27°

Avg. Temp               24.22°

Precip.                       2.12”

Snow                       23.85”

High Wind Gust       16.79 mph

Humidity                   68.86%

Dew Point                 14.61°

Degree Days            1141.85

Cooling Deg Days     0

Barometer            1014.91 mb

Red= record high since 1998

Blue= record low since 1998

Difference from 2020

High Temp         -3.47°

Low Temp          -0.73°

Avg. Temp         -2.10°

Precip.               +0.17”

Snow                  -10.50”

High Gust          -1.38 mph

Humidity            +1.07%

Dew Point          -1.79°

Degree Days      +20.10

Cooling Days      0

Barometer          +2.51 mb

20 Year Avg.

High Temp      31.50°

Low Temp       15.87°

Avg. Temp       23.69°

Precip.               2.47”

Snow                22.08”

High Gust         22.15 mph

Humidity           66.86%

Dew Point         13.45°

Degree Days     1166.81

Cooling Days         0

Barometer         1011.43

(avg 1998-2017)

2021 Vs. Average

High Temp         -0.33°

Low Temp          +1.40°

Avg. Temp         +0.53°

Precip.               -0.35”

Snow                  +1.77”

High Gust          -5.36 mph

Humidity            +2.00%

Dew Point          +1.16°

Degree Days     -24.96

Cooling Days      0

Barometer          +3.48mb

Difference from last month (Jan 2021)

High Temp      -0.48°

Low Temp       -1.66°

Avg. Temp      -1.07°

Precip.            +0.13”

Snow              +12.10”

High Gust        +1.37 mph

Humidity          -2.35%

Dew Point        -1.92°

H Degree Days  -89.15

C Deg Days      0

Barometer       +3.86mb

Season snowfall amounts:

(Highest to Lowest)

'14-'15    148.25"

'07-'08    135.90"

'00-'01    126.98"

'10-'11    125.10"

’17-’18    108.15"

’12-’13    100.70"

’18-’19      96.70"

’16-’17      93.65 "

'08-'09      90.25"

'01-'02      85.15"

’13-’14      82.95"

'06-'07      82.65"

'03-'04      78.75"

'98-'99      78.65"

'09-'10      78.45"

'02-'03      74.00"

’19-’20      73.85"

’11-’12      68.70"

'99-'00      64.90"

’20-’21      51.55"

'05-'06      50.35"

’15-’16      50.10"

'04-'05      44.77"

22 season average: 88.14"


20 Year

Summary Charts


Yearly Summary


May 9th snowstorm.

Lowest Atlantic Pressures

One chicken came up on the deck but gave up rather quickly and headed back to the coop.